Center for the Study of Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted

Who We Are:

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Ed Deuel

Research Activities

Critical Incident Reviews

“Eviction Murders”

“Tragedy In Hughson”

“The Minkler Incident”

“Active Shooter - Goleta”


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Mission Statement

The Peace Officer Safety Institute, Center for the Study of Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted, is dedicated to making local, state and federal peace officers safer. The Center’s ultimate goal is the prevention of peace officer assaults, murders and accidental deaths. To accomplish this mission, the Center analyzes officer safety data, reviews critical law enforcement incidents, and presents realistic training to enhance peace officer performance during unanticipated, high stress, and rapidly changing conditions. The Center gathers peace officer safety information to share as a clearinghouse for the law enforcement community.

What We Do
National Peace Officer Fatalities

August 2, 2015 vs. August, 2, 2014

  • Total Fatalities  +1%
  • Firearms Related  -32%
  • Traffic Related  +23%
  • Other Causes  +29%